Treatment Of Wriggly Pinworms: 5 Natural Remedies

The most common type of intestinal worm infestation in adults as well as children, pinworm infection is harmless as such apart from the intense itching around the anal region. Pinworm itching can drive you crazy and the very fact that you cannot control the itching makes way for more infections and spreading as the eggs can survive in clothes and nails and can get back to the intestine causing more severe infection.

Garlic. Talk about the garlic effect! The great vegetable is sure to show its prowess wherever there is an infection or an inflammation. Garlic can remove the pinworms straight from the intestines. They are much better than over the counter medications in that they are capable of destroying the eggs as well, removing the infection from your system completely without any cause for recurrence. For intense itching and removal of pinworms and eggs from the anal region, make a paste of garlic and add petroleum jelly to it. Mix well and apply directly on the anal region. The itching will be stopped immediately and one would wonder as to where all the pinworms disappeared in such a hurry!

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