7 Easy, Natural Home Remedies To Cure The Common Cold & Fever

Persistent coughing, runny nose, stuffed up sinuses, headaches — these are among the many symptoms that can drag you down and leave you feeling helpless to make it through your day and fulfill your responsibilities when you catch a cold virus. But rather than reach for those chemical-laden cough syrups and mind-numbing antihistamines, why not instead try one or more of these 10 natural remedies for conquering the common cold?
1) Vitamin D. Vitamin D is perhaps the most overlooked, and yet arguably one of the most effective, remedies for treating the common cold. Although it works better as a preventive regimen, taking higher than normal doses of vitamin D3 daily — some experts recommend taking 10,000 international units (IU) or more of vitamin D3 every day — can help reduce cold and flu symptoms and get you back to normal health much more quickly than without them.

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