5 Natural Remedies & Cures For Postnasal Drip

If excess mucous runs down the back of the nose into the throat, it is known as postnasal drip. This condition is mostly caused by the common cold, allergies, flu, sinusitis, sudden change in the temperature and exposure to harmful chemicals and smoke. There is a constant irritating feeling in the throat which makes you want to clear your throat consistently. Postnasal drip can also cause severe coughing, a sore and hoarse throat and ear infection.
Black Pepper. Black pepper is the king of spices and is over rich in vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. It is also full of antimicrobial properties which destroy all types of infections and cure a number of diseases. It prevents the excessive production of mucous and helps the accumulated mucous in the throat to run down easily. It detoxifies the body and keeps it free from infections. Crush six peppercorns coarsely. Heat one teaspoon of ghee and roast the pepper in it for a minute.

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